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Beef roasted on a Bed of Vegetables
(Serves 4/5)

You should have ample beef left over for Monday’s sandwiches if you don’t have boys at home!!


Preparation time 30minutes

Cooking time 1 hour 15 minutes

Pre-heat the oven to 190°c

(Cooking times will vary depending on your oven, we use a fan oven)


You will need:

1 Sachet Secret Chef Beef Rub

1.5kg Topside of Beef (remove from the fridge for ½ hour before cooking)

2 large Onions, peeled & quartered

3 large Carrots, peeled & cut into finger size chunks

5 large Celery sticks, peeled to remove the stringy fibres & cut into large chunks

2 Leeks, cleaned & cut into large 3cm long discs

4 Cloves Garlic, peeled & squashed slightly

Little Oil for drizzling


(This cooking time is for medium cooked beef, for well done add 15 minutes for medium rare reduce by 10 minutes)


Score the top of beef with a sharp knife about 2mm deep, place into a deep baking tray  drizzle with a little oil, shake over the Beef rub and rub it in.

Place into the hot oven, reduce the heat to 180°c and cook for 30 minutes.

Take out from the oven, remove the beef from the tray and add all the vegetables. Mix the veg with the meat juices.

Place the beef back on top and put tray back in the oven.

Cook for a further 30 minutes basting regularly (if the veg is drying out add a splash of water to stop it from burning)

Remove the beef and place on a tray, cover with greased proof paper & a tea towel, leave rest for 15 minutes.

Place the vegetables back in the oven while finishing your gravy.