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Italian Pasta Salad



Preparation and construction: 20 minutes


You will need:

2tbs Secret Chef All in One Italian Seasoning

250g Fusilli Pasta “the Twirly ones” boiled, cooled and drained

1tbs Mayonnaise

4/5tbs Soured Cream

½ Bell Pepper diced to ½cm cubes any colour (but the green is a little bitter).

Medium Carrot diced to ½cm cubes

Handful of frozen peas defrosted

2 Spring Onions chopped to ½cm lengths

Sliced sun dried tomatoes optional


Whisk the mayonnaise, sour cream and Italian seasoning together really well.

Mix in the vegetables getting all of the sour cream mix from the bottom (coating all of the veg)

Gently mix in the Pasta (not to rough as you don’t want to break up the pasta)


Serve with salads and cold meat.


As a twist we have made this recipe with hot pasta and it is fantastic as a starter pasta dish.