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Pork Kebabs

(Makes 10 Kebabs)


Preparation and construction: 15 minutes

+ 1 hour minimum marinating time

Cooking time will vary but around 10 minutes


You will need:

1 sachet Secret Chef Pork Rub

250g Pork Fillet diced

1 red Pepper diced to 3cm cubes

1 packet Cherry Tomatoes

5 tbs Vegetable oil

2 tbs Cider Vinegar

BBQ Skewers (if wooden soak before hand)


Mix the oil, vinegar and pork rub together in a bowl and stir through the diced pork, allow to marinade in the fridge for minimum 1 hour but preferably 12 /24 hours.


Thread on to the skewers the meat, tomatoes and peppers.

(don’t be tempted to overload)


Brush over the excess marinade from the bowl and BBQ or grill until cooked, turning occasionally


cooking time will vary but around 10 minutes, ensure properly cooked before serving.