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Red Onion Marmalade

& Goats Cheese Canapés 


Makes around 25 Canapés

(You can dress the Bruschetta topped disks with anything you fancy for quick & easy canapés like Ham, Olives, Anchovies, Roasted Vegetables, Pickled Mushrooms etc)


Preparation time 10minutes (depending on your chopping skills)

Cooking time 3 minutes or until slightly coloured & bubbling

Pre heat the grill


You will need:

2tbs Secret Chef Bruschetta Topping

(made up as instructed on side of jar)

1 loaf of ciabatta bread, sliced to 1cm disks. (most loaves will cut up to 25 slices)

Olive Oil

150g Goats Cheese crumbled

100/150g Red Onion Marmalade


Drizzle olive oil over the ciabatta disks and toast under the grill for about 30 seconds

(you don’t want them to dry)

Spread the Bruschetta topping on the disks.

Now top with the red onion marmalade and goats cheese, then put under the grill to colour.

(These can be made up front and grilled just before serving)